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Antarctic Articles

Japan halts Antarctic whale hunt

AFTER decades of bitterly opposed Antarctic "research whaling", Japan has suspended its hunt and is near to formally pulling out only halfway through the current season.


In the frozen landscape of the Antarctic, one of Australia's most accomplished scientists made his name, writes Peter FitzSimons.

Iceberg the size of ACT breaks away

AN ICEBERG the size of the ACT has broken off an Antarctic glacier. The 2545-square-kilometre iceberg broke from the Mertz Glacier tongue when a decade of slow splitting climaxed with another giant iceberg hitting the glacier this month.

Signs ozone layer may be in slow recovery

AS THE global debate for action on climate change rages, strong evidence is emerging that governments around the world have probably dodged another environmental bullet.

Shrinking ozone hole hailed as global treaty success story

STRONG evidence is emerging that, together, governments have probably dodged another environmental bullet at a time when global climate change agreement is under threat.